Recovery Support Program

Get back on your feet faster after a surgical procedure, injury or trauma. This comprehensive one-month program provides a unique combination of nutrients to support wound healing, promote healthy immune system function and balance the natural inflammatory response. Kit includes: Clinical Support Morning, Clinical Support Evening, Bromelain with Quercetin (Arnica Montana 30X sold separately).

Whether you're recovering from a hysterectomy, knee arthroscopy, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty or liposuction, we've got you covered and in control!  Discover why plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons have recommended this nutritional program for their discerning patients for over 15 years.

√  Developed by an anesthesiologist for his surgery patients

√  Vitamin A and Vitamin C promote wound healing

√  Selenium, bioflavonoids and other antioxidants deactivate free-radicals

√  Bromelain & quercetin balance the natural inflammatory response

√  B-complex morning formula supports energy levels in the day

√  Mineral-intensive evening formula promotes rest in the evening

√  Excludes vitamin E and other herbals

√  Gluten-free

√  Made in U.S.A.

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Recovery Support Program
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 78 reviews
by Jamie on Recovery Support Program

I took the pre and post recovery vitamins when I had surgery. The doctor said I healed way quicker than he expected/than usual. I had good mobility and didn’t need the Percocet. Will use again! Quick shipping and cute little pill boxes!

by Alice Dry-Gray/M Private on Recovery Support Program

Thank You so much for all you've done.

by danielle uthe on Recovery Support Program
Recovery support

My surgeon gave me these before and after my mommy makeover. I felt great going in and they said I healed at a crazy amazing rate. Now I am trying the cleansing followed by the weight management program. I love the meal replacement shakes!

by Carol Kolb on Recovery Support Program
Excellent product

I have used these products for two surgeries and they really made a difference in how I felt and how quickly I recovered. Also, the ordering and delivery process was easy and prompt.

by Jan on Recovery Support Program
Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana helps with the bruising I get from having thin skin caused by sun damage and age.

I have noticed an improvement for the last several months since I have started taking it everyday.

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  1. jm says:

    The kit was provided to me by my surgeon. I took everything as recommended and was amazed at my recovery from the major surgery. The staff at the clinic were also quite pleased with my healing, light bruising, and minimal scar appearance. I only took pain meds for about 5 days after the surgery. I have always been a believer in vitamins and supplements, and was so happy with the recovery program that I went directly to this website and ordered a program for everyday use. I went back for a post-op checkup at two months and the nurse thought it had been at least eight months since the surgery.

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