Gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive problems affect many of us on a regular basis.  Diet and lifestyle are often to blame.  But, antibiotics, routinely prescribed after surgery or for acne treatment, kill both bad and good intestinal flora and frequently upset digestive balance too.  Get back on track quickly with Probiotic-8.  Bottle contains 60 enteric-coated V-capsules.


√  Formulated with 8 billion live beneficial bacteria per serving

√  Promotes regularity and supports immune system function

√  Favorably alters intestinal balance and promotes healthy digestion

√  Beneficial flora from Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus

√  FOS prebiotic fiber nourishes beneficial bacteria

√  Enteric-coating shields beneficial organisms from stomach acid

√  Broad-spectrum formula ideally suited for daily use or after antibiotics

√  Vcaps® vegetarian capsules

√  Refrigeration not required

√  Made in U.S.A.

5 responses to “Probiotic-8”

  1. Martin Carbonella says:

    I suffered from nightly indigestion and burped even when I slept. I increased my Probiotic-8 dose to three tablets daily and it helped a lot! It seemed to calm my hyper active digestion.

  2. Susan Hutch says:

    I was skeptical that the Probiotic-8 would make any difference as I always believed I had a “good relationship” with my stomach. So, when I received a sample of the Probiotic-8, I didn’t think it would make any difference. I was wrong! Much to my surprise, I no longer have any minor stomach issues and just feel great overall, which I attribute to the Probiotic-8. I really love the product, and, as another reviewer has stated, the results are immediate. Although I became a customer of VitaMedica for another product, this supplement is now my favorite and one that I cannot do without.

  3. Jeannine Tom says:

    Beneficial product to stay on with daily use. Regularity and less bloating makes for a better day !!

  4. S. Day says:

    Great product! Agrees with me and works well. I especially love that it’s VEGAN!

  5. j ali says:

    wonderful, easy on the stomach. seeing results immediatly.

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